Imposing ClockThat precious is the balance between beauty and display. Or rather than, between luxury and ostentation. At that delicate line move high-end brands, almost always hits, so that last time. But even the best companies sometimes are guilty of reckless, and cross that line.

In the case of Hermes, a brand that tends to like a lot

has the clock of which I speak today. Sertie Neige is called, and is a watch designed for women. I would say that for women who know what it means low profile.

Has no less than 1100 diamonds, all small, perfectly fitted to each other. This makes the entire watch is in diamonds. Unless the belt, obviously, it is crocodile.

Is made to order, it takes a little time, and costs 112 000 euros. Not if it became clear that I do not like one bit, but it’s a personal opinion.