Choice of metal

The first decision you must take in preparation for buying a wedding ring – a type of metal that is most appropriate for you, reflecting your lifestyle. Before I dwell on silver, gold or platinum, Inspect your collection of jewelry, because the wedding ring you’ll wear constantly, so it must be accompanied by style and quality with the other jewels. The most important thing is determine the size of the budget that you allot to buy rings. Continue reading Choice of metal

Concept of engagement ring and wedding ring

The concept of “engagement ring” and “wedding ring” could be interpreted as synonymous. In fact, this is not the same thing. Compared with the wedding rings – made in a flat shape or form the barrel of one type of metal, on her wedding ring is sure there is a gem. Traditionally – is brilliant. Diamond says about the purity and strength of the bonds of love. Continue reading Concept of engagement ring and wedding ring

Why wedding ring round?

Why wedding ring round? What a strange question, but given that this is a kind of special character, it could also be more striking and unusual, and not even ring at all, such as tattooing. Tradition of exchanging rings has come from the ancient Egyptians as a sign of a long and unbroken people and the gods of love. But even before this bride “prehistoric” wove a ring of hemp, reeds. Ancient Romans began to use metal for making wedding rings – a ring was not only Continue reading Why wedding ring round?

Types of rings

Ring – jewelry for the fingers in the shape of the hoop, known since ancient times. The legend about the origin of the ring reads: after Prometheus was chained to a rock for helping people, he began to wear the ring as part of the bonds, as a symbol of memory. And people give the ring as a symbol of an invisible chain linking them. The ring consists of the rim (booths) with the top (custom and insert) or without it. The rings are divided into simple and complex. To apply a simple Continue reading Types of rings

Caring for Diamonds

In medieval times, jewelry, diamonds were allowed to wear only monarchs and their families. In those days it was thought that these gems symbolize the strength and courage, and dignity of those is unique to the rulers. But, oddly enough, even these “invincible” creations of nature are enemies that can make them the most beautiful jewelry in the dim, nondescript trinkets. First of all, the enemy – is time. Therefore, care for diamonds – a very serious thing. Continue reading Caring for Diamonds

How to select and buy diamonds?

Ability to wear jewelry, in accordance with the etiquette to distinguish a woman from high society from the rich, exposing their wealth for public viewing. Particularly severely treat diamonds. The recommendations of that time wrote: <… ugly when wearing diamonds in the toilet for a walk or house dress, then you can not even use them are often similar to crystals. These fake diamonds must wear these ladies, who in his position may be present and have a toilet and an environment suitable for diamonds>. Continue reading How to select and buy diamonds?

Types of Diamond

By the nature of cut diamonds are three main types:
Proper diamond
Cut rose

In stones with a diamond-cut face different tiers are arranged in staggered relation to each other. The outlines of the faces correspond to a diamond or a triangle. Ground en the upper end of the stone has the shape of a regular polygon. This type of cut is used mainly in round and Continue reading Types of Diamond

Brand names jewels

jewelsSometimes the stores you can see the ring with “Australian” or “Brazilian” ruby, but in reality it is a pomegranate, or tourmaline, with other properties, not to mention the cost, which is significantly lower. In this article we are talking about so-called trade names that do not match the real stones.

Each well-known gem is the historical, commercial Continue reading Brand names jewels

Unbiased Platinum

Platinum jewelryIn a combination of colors of black and white is still in demand as a jewelry designer and true connoisseurs of fashion jewelry. The fact that the classics – is eternal, its distinct advantage!

However, the unconditional favorite of the season – colored stones. And if your principle – to conform to the latest trends in fashion jewelry, stop your choice Continue reading Unbiased Platinum