Gold: Mysteries Precious Metals

Mysteries Precious MetalsGold was the first metal that people began to use because it occurs in nature in its pure form, in gold nuggets. Gold is too soft to make him some tools, but the malleability of gold is perfect for making jewelry, gold shine like the sun shining and the magical properties of gold promise prosperity. None of the metal so not makes people happy, but does not cost them so much sweat, tears and blood, like gold.

People are looking for gold around the world for thousands of years, but it is quite rare, so that the price of gold is always high.

Having learned to forge metal, people started making jewelry out of it. Scientists believe that the gold jewelry, silver, copper and iron meteorites were produced long before the spread of metal household items and weapons employment, i.e. to the Bronze Age. In the jewelry business give preference to precious metals, mostly gold and silver and also giving them the sacred properties.

With the discovery of the mysteries of melting of precious metals, articles of gemstones received frame. The natural beauty of gold and precious stones joined with the beauty of the forms created by human hands. Since the dawn of civilization was born jewelers art. Evolving for centuries, it used new materials and improved techniques of processing. But the most popular is gold.

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