Rings Fashion Trends 2015

For this year 2015 we have created excellent rings which we may be lacking when trying to show off a new look. The new designs this year are impressive and will certainly be a success. Below is a list of the rings are more fashionable in 2015:

Cartier rings – Panthere

These rings Cartier an image of a panther which has been created with 18K yellow gold is shown. Continue reading Rings Fashion Trends 2015

The best earrings for babies

Baby earrings are ideal for when you have a new member in the family, but not any outstanding is right for a child.

Prior to newborn girls were placed pending in the hospital, this was to differentiate the girls from the boys, but over time this practice has been forgotten and now need to go elsewhere to be made perforations, which must be done with great care because the skin of a newborn is very delicate. Continue reading The best earrings for babies

Looking Your Best Has Never Been Easier

Whether you’re embarking on a job interview or a first date, looking your best is important when you want to make a great impression and feel wonderful about the way you look. The way you dress also has an impact on your emotional wellness. Image consultant Julie Zanes says, “When you look good, you feel good and you perform at a much higher level in your personal and professional life. If you need to look your best for an upcoming occasion, keep the following tips in mind.

Tailored Suit

If you work in an office that requires a business-professional dress code, it is best to invest in a well-tailored suit. You can exhibit an aura of success when you wear clothing that is tailored to your shape and size. Both men and women can benefit from owning a few well-tailored suits in neutral colors. You’ll find you can wear these garments to business meetings, conferences, interviews, and even to events outside of the office. If you live in the Green Bay area a great place to find a quality tailored suit is The Haberdasher Limited. 


You don’t need a closet full of shoes to look your best; you do, however, need a few well-chosen pairs in excellent condition that can be worn with formal outfits or with evening wear for those special occasions when you are celebrating at dinner or just heading out for a night on the town with someone special. Owning a couple pairs in brown and black ensures that you’ll have footwear to go with most of your outfits. Incorporating a pair of nude flats and a high quality boot will complete your shoe wardrobe and allow you to get creative in mixing and matching different outfit combinations.  

What’s Your Color?

According to The Huffington Post, one of the most reliable ways to look your best is to “know your colors.” If wearing brown makes you look tired or drab, you’ll want to avoid purchasing garments in that shade. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone when you really want to look your very best. The colors you wear also have an effect on your mood. If you are feeling depressed make sure to incorporate bright color hues like red, orange, yellow or green into your outfit. In ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures they believed the use of colors in light therapy could heal and elevate your emotions. 

Keep Classics on Hand

While it is definitely fun to experiment with fashion trends, it’s still smart to fill your closet with plenty of classic styles. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are many tried and true classics that you may want to keep in hand. Some examples include: proper fitting jeans, white or black button up blouse, and quality plain t-shirts. Every woman needs that little black dress that can be dressed up or down and men need that tailored suit, which can be worn to work or at formal events. 

Know Your Shape

Finally, when you are dressing to look your best, try to wear outfits that flatter your shape. If you have problem areas, you’ll want to wear clothing that reduces attention on this area and attracts the eye to other areas of your body like your legs or neckline. 

Keep these fashion tips in mind the next time you need to dress up or go shopping for an improved wardrobe. These tips aren’t likely to go out of style either, so they will serve you well for years to come.

“Python” – New collection Akillis

The largest antique accessories are living in the new global collection of the famous French brand.

“The heroine of our time,” “James Bond girl”, “Catwoman,” a Muscovite and Parisian – A Caroline Gaspard likes to perform different functions and create their own rules, rejecting all conventional and common, including jewelry art.

In 2007 thanks to the “explosive” character of Caroline Gaspard, she created her own brand of jewelry called “Akillis”. He made a decision of this kind because jewelry design was part of his life at an early age. Jewelry that she makes, gained fame in the fashion industry and means so much to women as to the founder of this brand. Continue reading “Python” – New collection Akillis

Top 7 – Jewelry Trends for 2016

We do not know what will happen in the field of world politics, the economy and we do not know about our personal lives and the prospect of our career. Whatever we have, we still have to wake up, brush your teeth, bathe and dress. Day after day, we open our closet and look feels like an eternity, trying to think to wear. We put on our best clothes and not headed for the door.

Some insist and go back in or take that extra time in the morning to think again about our fashion choices and discuss the look with the appropriate jewelry. That said, this article is for those who like to stay in the game of recent and upcoming trends. No promise to give the nail with my prediction, but I can promise a look at the trends in jewelry and where it is likely that these are used soon. Continue reading Top 7 – Jewelry Trends for 2016

What jewelry to wear to an office job – Fashion jewelry

The type of jewelry that you use at work should be according to the clothes you wear, because there must be a balance between your jewels and your clothes, that is if you do not want your jewelry highlight on the way you dress for go to work, you must combine good jewelry for you to have a unique and professional look. Continue reading What jewelry to wear to an office job – Fashion jewelry

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