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Jewellery by type of appearance

Why different types of women fit their jewelry

How to pick the right jewelry for you? That it is fashionable, stylish and original, not only in harmony with your outfit, but with your type of appearance and even the mood? In choosing jewelry can help you a professional stylist brand. View full article »

Rose Gold

It is known that gold in its true form in the jewelry industry is not used, since this metal is very ductile and will not sustain the gross physical effects when worn. Jewelry shops offer us various alloys of gold, copper, palladium, silver, nickel, platinum and other metals. This alloy provides products durability and easy handling. View full article »

Each season presents us with new fashion discovery. Some of them will grow and “bloom” for several seasons, and the part in the next year will be pushed more vivid and popular novelties. In the new season, there are four main areas in the fashion jewelry that mark in their collections, many leading fashion houses in the world. Surprising that fashion trends today may be the opposite and even mutually exclusive. But it’s the beauty of modern fashion that allows every woman at different times to “try on” a particular image. Modern jewelry offers jewelry, corresponding to different a female character that allows you to create a personalized and fashionable image, emphasize your style and branded fashion expert. View full article »

Jewelry Fashion new season

It should be noted that fashion is fickle today. We can see an amazing picture – only one trend has been recognized and widely disseminated, and another, even opposite, is already trying to dislodge it, not only from the catwalks, but also of our thoughts. But not so fast, so in vogue today several trends that sometimes contradict each other. But do not look for a middle ground; we can afford to be fashionable and different! View full article »

How to choose the diamonds?

Tips jeweler

Part 1

When we say a diamond appears before his eyes sparkling facets gem – clear and beautiful. And just remember the famous words: Diamonds – Girl’s Best Friend. Indeed, almost every dream that she had jewelry with these gems. But most importantly, the girls need to have real diamonds and not a fake glass. To avoid mistakes when choosing, for example, wedding rings with diamonds, look at some facts. View full article »

Wedding – one of the main events in the life of every person. This day should be remembered for years to come, be the beginning of a new life, a new family. Strives to be the bride of almost every woman, even if it hides behind a skeptical smile, even the heroine of the cult film “Sex and the City” trying to make it a memorable day – the only and original. View full article »

What you should know when choosing jewelry with precious stones.

When you choose jewelry with precious stones, it is important to remember that the stones are natural (natural), synthetic, imitation stones composite (composite), and can also meet the stones that have been specially treated (beautification). How to understand this variety of jewelry and make the right choice? View full article »

“Ayurveda” (in Sanskrit “the science of beauty and longevity”) – the ancient Indian doctrine of maintaining good health, natural beauty and long life.

Ayurveda believes that a certain person takes physical form as a result of the interaction and balance of the three life-giving energy. These energies called dos has. All existing dos has are, according to Ayurvedic teachings, a combination of five elements: earth, water, fire. Air, ether. View full article »

Every love story is unique. But there is always a moment when the two are ready not just to give each other their emotions, warmth and affection, but also makes it clear: “My dear, I want to be close to you for a long time.” Typically, this step is traditionally a man does and how best to tell you about a special stage of your novel? Of course, you can write a song or poem, to give a huge bouquet of roses or orchids, but there are magical signs, which are much more eloquently speak about the depth of your feelings. View full article »

In the bustle of modern life, we’ve learned that a piece of jewelry is a stylish accessory-giving us pleasure and joy. But in fact, their importance and impact on us is much more significant. So litho therapy (ancient method of treatment of stones) jewelry evaluated not in terms of price, and the energy potential of precious metals and stones, from which they are made. Therefore, when buying jewelry, think about the properties of each stone and its astrological influence is on you.

Jewelry people did in prehistoric times, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. Initially it was necklaces, beads, earrings, bracelets made of stone and bone. However, at the opening of different ores, precious stones steel insert in the rim of gold, silver and other metals. Then there were already more sophisticated jewelry – objects of worship, brooches, rings, tiaras, etc. View full article »

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